Cookie-Shaped Memories

When I was growing up in the late 50's in Detroit, Michigan, my Mom baked her famous Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookies in our kitchen. We all loved my Mom's Cookies. The neighborhood kids and our friends and family would go out of their way to get some of her Chocolate Chip Cookies. My boyfriend at the time, who is now my husband, would walk me to school every morning just to get some of her fresh baked cookies right out of the oven. Over the years I worked with my Mom so that I could get her recipe just right; and we did it. I would bake these cookies time and time again until I got them just right, like my Mom’s.

When our children were young, all of the neighborhood friends would come over to get some Ruthie's famous Chocolate Chip Cookies. My son Todd, was our cookie monster. He always told me, "Mom, you must sell your Chocolate Cookies so that everyone can enjoy them".

I decided that I would start selling Ruthie's Cookies. I began offering gift packages of fresh baked cookies that are sent directly to your home or office. Ruthie's Cookies are being sold online and select shops. These Cookies are handmade in our bakery daily. I know you will love our cookies just like all of our neighbors and friends did, try them for yourself and see.

Ruthie's Cookies are made in loving memory of our son, Todd Michael Dodson, who passed away on Easter 2016.
Every package of Ruthie's includes a symbol inscribed with his initials in loving memory.